Root Canal Retreatment

Giving Your Tooth a Second Chance

Root canal retreatment is a specialized endodontic procedure performed when a previously treated tooth exhibits persistent symptoms or fails to heal properly.

At Holmes Endodontics, we understand that some cases require additional intervention to ensure the long-term health and functionality of your tooth. Our experienced endodontist, Dr. Spencer Holmes, is skilled in performing root canal retreatment procedures using the latest techniques and technology.

Holmes Endodontics utilizes evidence-based, biocompatible materials for all root canal retreatments.

Root canal retreatment involves the removal of the previous root canal filling material, cleaning of the root canal system, and subsequent resealing to address any remaining infection or inflammation. It is a meticulous procedure that requires expertise and precision to achieve successful outcomes.

Reasons for Root Canal Retreatment

In some cases, the initial root canal treatment may not fully eliminate the infection. This can result in persistent or recurring pain, swelling, or gum abscesses around the treated tooth. Through clinical examination and diagnostic imaging, our endodontist can identify the presence of new or persistent infection, indicating the need for retreatment to eliminate the source of infection and promote healing.

One of the primary advantages of retreatment is the preservation of the natural tooth. By addressing the underlying issues and eliminating infection, retreatment helps avoid the need for tooth extraction. Preserving the natural tooth is important for maintaining proper oral function, aesthetics, and preventing adjacent teeth from shifting.

Improved Long-Term Success

Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the root canal system during retreatment improve the chances of long-term success.

By addressing any missed canals, canal complications, or persistent infection, retreatment sets the stage for proper healing and restoration of the tooth’s health and functionality.